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September 10, 2013
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You made your way over to the overly loud troll. His black shaggy bed hair shook as he bristled with anger. Cautiously, you pulled a chair over and sat beside the troll. “Um, Kar-“

“THAT UNBELIEVABLE PIECE OF SHIT!” You jumped as the troll stood up suddenly. He glared over at a troll sitting in a corner. You recognised it as Sollux. “Wait Kark-“




“KARKAT SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LISTEN TO ME!” You felt the library grow silent around you. Your face flushed as you glared at Karkat, who was gaping at you. You breathed slowly, trying to calm yourself down. You didn’t usually get angry, but when you did it was explosive. What you wouldn’t give for one of those memory things from Men In Black. You facepalmed with a long drawn out sigh. “Karkat. Why are you trying to pick a fight with Sollux?”

“BEC-“ he began in his normal loud mouth before he saw your expression “cause he mentioned something he shouldn’t have.”

“What was it?” Karkat scowled, his arms crossed and eyes fixed on Sollux. His face was dusted with cherry red. He didn’t answer. “Karkat?”

“SHUT UP ABOUT IT YOU WIGGLING BEDWETTER!” You flinched at his outburst. His words stung and you glared back at the fuming troll. “You didn’t have to yell at me, you asshole!” You felt tears threatening to pour from your eyes. Swiftly, you turned on your heel and absconded, leaving a speechless Karkat standing by his computer.


Karkat’s P.O.V.


You watched _______ abscond to a faraway part of the knowledge collective. You glared at the floor, hands clenched in fists. You could feel your nails digging into the palms of your hands, but that was the last thing on your mind right now. “KK?” You felt a hand rest on your shoulder. “What do you want Sollux? Can’t you see I’m wallowing in past me’s own idiotic actions?”

“You 2ound really crazy when you talk about pa2t and future 2elve2.”

“OH MY THROBBING PHLEGM LOBE, WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT THAT RIGHT NOW?!” Sollux raised his hands and raised his eyebrows at your outburst. “You blew iit wiith __ diidn’t you?”

You sagged. “Yes. I don’t know why she hung around me in the first place and now I blew it. I blew it so hard, I might as well be a Hero of Breath.”

“Well, iif 2he’2 crazy enough to hang around you iin the fiir2t place then there’2 2tiill a chance 2he doe2n’t feel 2iick at the 2iight of you.”

“Thanks Sollux.” You said, glaring at him halfheartedly. You looked over to the other librarian at the information desk. She glared back at you. Nervously you walked up to her. “Do you know where _____ went?”

“You mean the _____ who you just made burst into tears? Yeah, she’s in the backroom.” She pointed to a door hidden in a corner. You made to walk to it when you heard the female speak up again. “Where do you think you’re going?”

“Look, I need to see _____.” The girl stared at you coldly before giving you a curt nod. Her eyes promised much pain if you hurt ______ any further. You swallowed nervously and turned the doorknob. It opened with a soft click. You opened the door wider and stepped inside the small room.


_____’s P.O.V.


You sat at the table. Books sat in front for you to process them for shelves. You selected one and began measuring it up for the plastic binding. You heard the door open and footsteps of someone entering the room. You focused on your work, eyes glaring viciously at the copy of the Frozen Door. The opposite chair was pulled out, the scrape of chair legs juddering along the floor. You could just see a grey cancer symbol on a black fabric, without looking directly at him of course. He gulped nervously. “_______?” You deftly ignored him, beginning to cut the plastic covering. He sighed and you heard him stand. He walked around the table and sat in the chair next to you. He thought you would stop ignoring him, just because he was closer? Having to deal with siblings for years made this easy. It felt petty, but he had hurt you. “_____ look at me.” You picked up the book and placed it in the middle of the plastic. “Fuck it.” He leaned around so his face was in your view whether you liked it or not. You went with ignoring his eyes. “Look I’m sorry alright? I didn’t mean it.”

“People don’t throw insults around like that. Not even you.” You were surprised at your reply. You were meant to be ignoring him! “I know ______. You don’t know how sorry I am. The truth is I can’t figure you out. That insult was from my frustration. You drive me crazy ______.” You blinked, but continued ignoring him. You folded over the plastic and began smoothing out the bubbles. “You’re so nice to me, to everyone. You put up with my crap so much and I don’t understand why. You are angry at me sometimes, but it’s never without good reason. Your teasing doesn’t feel cruel either. It never feels like you’re playing with me; more like you’re letting me in on the joke. You make my thinkpan so muddled and I don’t know what to do around you.” You could feel your face heating up. What was he saying? Did he love you, or feel flush for you or something? Is he serious? He’s always serious about romance. Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my go-“______? Are you listening?” Answer him. Come on! “Y-yeah.” Your eyes flickered to his own deep orange ones, their black pupils wide from the small room’s lack of light. You noticed his cheeks were flushed with his cherry red blood. “Um, Karkat?”


“Are you saying that you lov-are flushed for me?”

“Yeah I am.” He waited expectantly for a response, but you were honestly speechless. Zero romantic experience oh my god. He sighed dejectedly at your lack of response. “I knew you wouldn’t like me. Who could feel flush for a piece of festering discharge like me? I’ll just leave you alon-“ He got up to leave, but was stopped by your hand around his wrist. “I love you too.

“What?” He raised an eyebrow, confused.

“I, um, I think I love you too.”  Surprise flickered on Karkat’s face before he sat back down next to you. Blushing, you smiled confused. “Kar-“ You were interrupted by his lips crashing on yours. For a moment shock override your brain until you pressed back. It was slow, but passionate. You felt him drawing you closer. Suddenly he pulled you into his lap, making you squeak. He smirked into the kiss and you felt his hand moving underneath your top.

“Ahem.” The two of you separated, but Karkat held you still on his lap. You scowled embarrassed at him  before glancing at the door. Ellie and Sollux stood in the doorway. Ellie was frowning, hands on her hips while Sollux, who was behind her, smirked and gave Karkat a thumb up. “So glad you could separate yourselves from each other.” She raised an eyebrow at Karkat holding you in his lap. “At least enough to register me. I thought I should tell you that the bell’s gone. You should probably get a late pass.” You stood up, blushing and were about to walk out when you felt someone grab your hand. You looked back to see an equally blushing, but also smirking Karkat. “We’re already late. Why don't we stay here a bit longer?”  

Oh Karkat you pervy butt. :iconpervykarkatplz:
I have to say this is the best Karkat and makeout scene I've ever written. Pretty soon I'll be writing smut. Ha, ha:iconjohnnopeplz:
Btw, if it wasn't clear the fellow librarian is called Ellie. It was getting inconvenient for her to not have a name.
:iconkarkatvantasplz: and :iconsolluxcaptorplz: belong to:iconlikeahussplz:
Ellie belongs to me. :iconlightlaughplz:
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